Cities in Areacode 872
  • Chicago

Because the Midwest is the busiest trade route and the trade centers of Chicago and Detroit, Illinois has the highest concentration of the world's factories. The manufacturing industry contributed by an assortment of companies and labor unions have turned this state into the largest source of employment and revenue for Illinois.


A study from the Jerome Peretti School of Business at Loyola University-Chicago and the Graduate School of Business at the University of California-Los Angeles, shows that the migration of major corporations has led to a significant increase in the number of individuals and families looking for a place to call home. While Chicago and suburban areas are being prioritized, as the predominant cities within Illinois, others like the state capital of Springfield are also seeing an increase in population. In fact, the growth rate of the capital city is projected to be one of the fastest growing in the United States.

Because of this migration of residents, many neighborhoods are becoming urbanized with additional amenities such as retail, restaurants, churches, grocery stores, and museums. Although this city growth is undeniable, many communities continue to struggle to maintain the qualities of the 'Little Italy' and the "Boulevard of Dreams." However, even with the opposition, neighborhoods continue to flourish and attract people to seek out the same cultural offerings that have long been enjoyed by those within the center of Chicago and the rest of the state.

Many cultural institutions such as the Clark Park Conservatory and Cicero Horticultural Garden, McCormick Place Amphitheater, Lake Forest Park Zoo, Simon Skjodt Cultural Center, and Little Village Apartments all offer residents access to quality and professional entertainment as well as cultural amenities. Not only does the location of these institutions offer residents and visitors a chance to enjoy nature and experience cultural programs, but they also offer residents an opportunity to live closer to the heart of Chicagoland. While there are numerous malls and shopping centers in the downtown area, there is little walking distance to many of these cultural establishments.

Several of the urban communities surrounding Chicago such as Harrison, Cicero, Peotone, Oak Lawn, Westmont, and Gurnee also offer public parks, recreation centers, and many communities are also home to free citywide libraries. These institutions offer residents and visitors alike a taste of rural and urban lifestyles, while not having to leave the city. Residents can find open areas that allow for hiking, biking, picnicking, or other activities.

In addition to the urban locations, the western suburbs are becoming increasingly popular. The southern and northern suburbs have long been held in high regard due to the superior quality of their homes and services. The west suburban communities have become more of a mixed bag, but the trend continues to see the suburbs continue to expand.

The newest trend in urbanism is the creation of new culture. Outdoor arenas, parks, recreational centers, museums, historic sites, and shopping centers have been created in a manner to reflect the new culture and the diversity that each community is offering.

A two-acre greenway connecting the Heart of Chicago and the North Shore Visual Arts Community, a theater complex in Pilsen, a Cultural Center in Pilsen, a pool and event venue in Bridgeview, a bike path through the Parkway East North Side, and a growing cultural and educational center in Vernon make the city an interactive place that reflects a larger spectrum of cultures and a change is occurring in the way cultural programs are developed. New trends are also being developed within the schools including the creation of language immersion centers and larger students-to-teacher ratios, which are one of the most attractive aspects of the urban culture in Illinois.

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